tirsdag den 11. marts 2014


Some time ago I found out (like a lot of other bloggers) that Instagram is a really good platform to expose awesome bike pictures.

Please follow for day to day updates: http://instagram.com/peterossian  Username: peter ossian

I will still update the blog from time to time, but mostly for phote sessions or bigger projects :)

Thank you so much.


torsdag den 5. december 2013

Rigid Atlas

After making the Riser setup at Allans Chief, I felt like making another one... For a long time we have been takling about why no one in the club rides with a Atlas riser setup - it's perfect if you like your springer handlebars, but thinks it would be more nice for your riding position to have some taller handlebars.
Ofcause it's too easy just to copy the Atlas design, so I decided to make a rigid set instead of the rubber mounted one Atlas made back in the days.
"Rigid for the sporty feel" ;-)

tirsdag den 26. november 2013

Harley/ Flanders risers

Last week we decided to try to make a new riser setup for Allans Indian, because he bourght an original Indian Flanders no.7 this summer, so it would be nice with a completely new handlebars setup for a change.
A long time ago Allan converted his Harley fork top clamp so it fits his Chief, because he was using a set of 4" Flanders risers. This top clamp has been laying in a box since he changed his riser setup the last time, but now it will be useful again.
As shown at the pictures, we have extended a set of cast harley risers and bolted them together with the top end of a set of Flanders risers, I think it looks really cool, it gives a strong and heavy look.

To finish the work we parkerized the risers and the top clamp

torsdag den 14. november 2013


In our motorcycle club in Copenhagen; Killer Bobbers - I think we have a pretty good standart of the bikes.
Emil has a really cool flathead traditional bobber, and yesterday I came up with an idea to make it even more awesome. While the idea was fresh I took action and made a set of parkerized jeweled plugs for his springer forks.