torsdag den 31. december 2009


I used a few minutes in photoshop, and colored the headlight, tank and rear fender black. It's always easier to imagine the final result if the parts got a neutral and similar color.

Yesterday Allan gave the bike the name "Pocket Rocket" - who knows, maybe it suits it : )

The tank and the rear fender isn't mountet correctly yet ! - the fender will be shorter !

søndag den 27. december 2009

Engine assembly

During the Christmas I spend a few days at my parents place. Among the heavy loads of Christmas food I found some time to put some of my Sportster engine together - and most of all, fit the frame for the cylinder heads.
I think this was the last frame modifications, all I got left is to mount a new pipe above the engine to stabilize the frame. At least that is just welding, no cutting is left.

I think the bike looks great with an old Ironhead installed;

søndag den 20. december 2009


I just got this old Indian 1919 km/h clock. . . would it be a shame useing it for the bobber project ? yeah...
If anyone can use it for an original Indial, pleace speak up !


For my Sportster Bobber project I borrowed a Wassel tank from Allan, Killer Bobbers.

lørdag den 12. december 2009

torsdag den 10. december 2009

Killer Bobbers

Yesterday and last wednesday I visit Killer Bobbers, in Copenhagen. They got some really nice places, and we had a good time. Thank you guys : )

fredag den 27. november 2009

More drawing is going on

This weekend I have been drawing for a few ohurs.

Put a nice 50's style pinup girl and an old aircraft on the papir.
Then you got a really nice ol' skool piece of art.

Closeup picture of the girl

Closeup picture of the P-40

A log time ago I made this traditionel rose,
now I added some text, shadows and diamonds.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. Better pictures to come.

tirsdag den 10. november 2009


I don't got a lot of things to post at the moment. The thing is I have been very busy lately. I have started at the 2nd semester at the Avionic school.
Sorry folks, I'll promis a lot of things is coming up in the future : )

tirsdag den 20. oktober 2009

Royal Tattoo

Three days ago I went to a French tattoo artist called Theo. Theo is working freelance, and have lately been working for Royal Tattoo. He made a nice piece of waterproof art at my lower leg.
As you properly know, I like it old school. This is my first tattoo, a kick starter in a traditional look with a modern touch.


fredag den 9. oktober 2009

Mark Knopler

I have just ordered 3 tickets for Mark Knopfler concert next summer. I'm going with a couple of freinds : )

lørdag den 3. oktober 2009


Last week, my freind Nic and I visited his fathers place. His father is in the progress rebuilding an old S.C.O moped.
I think it's getting very cool.

tirsdag den 22. september 2009

lørdag den 12. september 2009


I found out that my bogbone risers are made of bronze. I removed the poor chrome and shined the raw metal.

Before removal of the chrome:

Sportsters rule!

Elvis rode a K model


The cylinder heads for my Ironhead project was painted gray during the reconditioning for about 500miles ago. I didn’t like the gray color that much, then yesterday I painted the heads black.

Before the paintjob:

fredag den 11. september 2009


I just received my "new" rocker boxes for the Sportster project a couple of days ago. I removed the rocker arms, polished the boxes, and installed the arms with new bolts.

Before polish

onsdag den 9. september 2009


Today I went to Wrench Monkees' workshop in Copenhagen to by myself a new tyre. I got myself a nice classic 4.00-18" Firestone Deluxe champion.

Good deal boys ! Thank you.

mandag den 31. august 2009


Yesterday I visited my freind Kenneth. He got a nice late shovel project going on, and our freind Stefan just started a Panhead project.

Guess an engine : ) anny educated guesses ?

Yes, a Panhead showed up !

S&S replica Late Shovel 93"

mandag den 24. august 2009

Sportster parts

New parts on their way.
Today I ordered some parts at ebay for my Sportster project. When I modyfied the frame I decided that It's going to be a Ironhead insted of a Panster as the first plan was.

The first idea about the Panheads on the Sportster engine started becouse I didn't have any Ironheads. NowI ordered some.


Reconditioned cylinders and pistons.

Rocker boxes, the early model. Theese are included rocker arms

Cylinder heads, reconditioned 500mile ago

For getting a nice old look at the engine I ordered som brass parts.
Brass covers for the pushrods.

Big chrome nuts for the rocker arms, instead of countersunken screws. The picture is just a sample !

Brass intake anifold clamps

Brass kick pedal. The picture is just a sample !

Brass Oil lines

Brass nuts for the rocker boxes

mandag den 17. august 2009