søndag den 31. oktober 2010

Flying diamond

For a long time I have been thinking about putting the old "Flying Diamond" logo on the sides of my gas tank.
As posted earlyer I found some 3M stickers at a swap meet which I planned to put on the sides, but during the proccess I found out it was a bad idea.

Now the logoes is going to be painted on the sides, but instead of just painting the classic logo, they will be modifyed a little bit.

Inspiration for the modification;

mandag den 25. oktober 2010

Drive by wire

For a long time I have been looking for some cloth covered wires, now I found it to a swapmeet in Fredericia - I think this is a really cool detail.
3meters of each; black, red and green.

tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010


The ATR42-500 got a really nice propeller - here in fine pitch position, not seen often while it isn't turning.
Six powerfull "Samurai" blades ; )

Tank update

The tank is now painted brown and the gas cap black. I havn't used any clearcoat for the finish of the tank, I have just polished the brown paint - like in the good old days : )

The gas cap is often seen on old race bikes, because of the quick access - This one I found in the airport at an MD80 Diesel driven ground power unit.

lørdag den 16. oktober 2010


1 liter cans of your favorite beer rules ! have a nice weekend : )

mandag den 11. oktober 2010

Tank project

At the moment I'm in the process finish my gas tank, earlier I made the brackets and installed them in the correct position, now I was going to weld in the gas cap.
When I started mounting the gas cap, I decided to finish up all of the work concerning the tank. Which include the paint job. I'm definitely not a paint artist, but I think the result will be really good.

It's NOT finish yet : ) More pictures will be posted when it's finish.

At work I was lucky to find an old Monza gas cap, the same type as used at old race bikes and cars. It was mounted at the filling tube of a diesel generator, so I just replaced it with a radom cap.
The first model of this gas cap came in 1954 mounted at a Ferrari Monza.

mandag den 4. oktober 2010

Swapmeet weekend

All of the weekend I spend at swapmeets. As always it's a really nice way to spend the time, and a great oppitunaty to make a good deal or two.
Saturday I went to a swapmeet at Frank's MC parts and sunday I went to Holbæk. At Franks MC Parts, it was all Harley Davidson parts, and i Holbæk it was all kind of old parts, car parts, motorcycle parts, and even moped parts.

I'm into both motorcycles and old mopeds, and I really enjoy seeing a lot of old parts, they are very often very interesting, funny or creative made - so both meetings was really worth the visit.

I found a lot of good things among the huge loads of junk, mostly just some snacks, but as you properbly already know, for me it all depends on the details. One of the better things I found is a NOS axle for my floorboards and the jiffy stand on the Ironhead project

Vintage 1945 cateye, the housing is made of brass - Ironhead

1934-1935 tank decals "Flying diamond" - Ironhead

horn and light switch - Ironhead

Axel for jiffy stand and floorboards - Ironhead

stainless FLH handlebar with casted bracket - it's always nice to have something in spare

Panhead rear wheel with hydraulic drum brake - for spare

søndag den 3. oktober 2010


For the Wassel tank I got some really nice brass petcocks. I love this kind of details.

fredag den 1. oktober 2010

Parts on order

For the Ironhead project I got some really nice floorboards I'm planning to install, it's the squared narrow 1915 - 1939 model.

I have lately been looking for the original rubber inserts, and finally I found them.
While I was ordering parts annyway, I ordered a 1935-1942 data tag for the aircleaner, which I have been I love with for a long time.