torsdag den 29. januar 2009


Yesterday I cut myself in my finger with a knife at work.
I went to the hospital, and I had to wait for 4,5 ohurs before I could be sewed.

How hard can it be ?

tirsdag den 27. januar 2009

Happy birthday !

Today, the 28th of January, it’s my fathers birthday.
Happy birthday, dad : )

lørdag den 24. januar 2009


Today I received theese wonderfull twins !
It's two Puch moped engines, one for my custom Puch Maxi and one for my fathers Puch VZ50. They are brand new, NOS (New Old Stock).

Damn it's hard to find that kind of spareparts unused - it's just so crazy.. damn I'm happy about it ! ! !
: )

They are a little oily because of the preservation and needs to get washed.
I will enjoy mounting one of theese litle babys at my moped : )

torsdag den 22. januar 2009

Welcome to the workshop!

Since I moved to Kastrup back in August 2008, I haven’t got any garage or workshop of my own. Every time I wanted to go to the garage, I needed to travel about 120kilometers to my parents place.
Finally I got my own place ! It’s inside Copenhagen Airport, in one of the corners in a hanger we don’t use for aircrafts anymore. Perfect, now can I go to the workshop everyday after work, and spend as much time as I want to : )

It isn't the biggest workshop, but I think I got the space I need for now. If I don't got space enough, I just have to move the things around my space a little ; ) No problemo !

The table in the middle is just perfect for my moped

It' nice with a table to sit by, and make som order lists for spare parts, or make a sketch for some custom piece of metal.

I got a lot of space for spare parts and oil, and I can get another bookcase if I want to.

I just need a vice mounted at the table.

In the Hanger I found an old radio, and I decided to try to see if it was working. Actually it was playing quite well, and the first channel I found was a new channal with only rock, how lucky is that ? : )

torsdag den 15. januar 2009

Florø, Norge

As an Aircraft engineer it's sometimes necessary to work at some other stations around the world, besides from the base station.
This week I'm working at a Line Station in Norway. The weather is cold, and the speed of the wind is 33 nots !
It's very nice with a nice warm hat : )

onsdag den 14. januar 2009

Harley Davidson Road King Custom

Yesterday my father gave me the news that he had just bought a Harley Davidson Road King Custom. The bike is from 2004, but it has only been driveing for 800 kilometers. Well, that’s a brand new bike !

Blue as I like it:


As always I celebrated Christmas eve together with my nearest family back home in Skælskør.
Again this year I collected some nice Christmas gifts, one of my gifts was these ol’ skool cans for my kitchen:

Huge delay !

Hello everyone, I know that I really am delayed, but I would like to wish you all a marry Christmas, and a happy new year.I have been busy about getting drunk, and having a good time for many weeks now : )

The 20th of December I visit the Custom Cowboys in Jutland, well I passed out early and became “Sleeping Child Peter Ossian” But I think we had a very good time until then.

The menu contained spareribs, huge burgers, triple chocolate cheese cake and Budweiser beer – NICE