torsdag den 30. april 2009

Roskilde Airport, GA

After our taxi ride, we had a lot of fun in Roskilde Airport

Elfinn, Steffan and Einar enjoys the sun : )

Karl next to the Robinson R22 Helicopter

The tail rotor is a real man hunter !

This is a Cirrus SR20 - mmm..

I love propellers

Hot Dog A/C ?

God damn the S-66 is a huge helicopter

This very nice privat jet with two Turbo Prop engines was just about to leave.

Small, but nice (sounds familiar...)

DC-3 from the 2nd world war

Police field trip. . .

Do you know the feeling about being a crimal every time you meet the pilice ? hehe the Police was doing a lot of training in Roskilde Airport.

Even the police needs to give way to aircrafts !

They need to practice a lot more than that to catch the illegal mopeds.. haha

Taxi ride

Today I went to GA in Roskilde Airport, for having the first Taxi ride of my own.
It’s harder to handle the A/C along the taxi way by using the rudder pedals than it seems to, but it was cool to try.
I went for the taxi ride together with 2 of my teachers and my friend Nic

My freind Nic Wedel Vestergaard

Me standing by the A/C - WITH MY EYES CLOSED ! damn it..

Nice little aircraft : )

onsdag den 29. april 2009

Ascent Pro Flight Simulator !

Yesterday I had my first flight of my own !
I flew for about 20minutes in a fully professinal flight simulator. It was very realistic, and I discovered that I really likes to fly.
I will never like to be a commercial pilot, but it would be nice to have my own PPL ! - actually it's added to my list of gift wishes. . .

onsdag den 15. april 2009

mandag den 13. april 2009

søndag den 12. april 2009

Road trip

Yesterday my parents and I went for a ride at the countryside near Skælskør, Denmark.

We had a nice time, and the weather was lovely.

tirsdag den 7. april 2009

Some drawing of mine

I got the best drawing pencils, my mother gave them to me a couple of years ago.
Rexel derwent color pencils and Art Collection sketching pencils in different hardness.

søndag den 5. april 2009

lørdag den 4. april 2009

Handcrafted Leather

Today I finally finished the job sewing my handcrafted leather bag.
It isn’t perfect, but it’s handcrafted and homemade, which I think is so cool for an old school bike.
All in all I think the result turned out to be very nice considering that it’s my first.

Che, himself.