onsdag den 15. august 2012

Chief Bobber - Flanders handlebars

Yesterday we contiued the handlebar project at Jacob-Oles traditional bobber Chief.
It was a little tricky to combine the reproduction parts with the old parts for the trottles, but after a few hours everything worked out as planned.

A few months ago Jacob-Ole bourght this sweet bobber, but due to the fact that he got really good taste, it's just getting more and more awesome.
So far he installed the Guide tracktor headlight, original BT&E tail light, casted kicker pedal, aluminum floorboards, Harley floorboard extensions, original Indian clutch pedal, and now the original Flanders handlebars special made for Indian, with Hellings risers... Not bad, not bad at all!

mandag den 13. august 2012


For the Chout project, Anders and I was looking for some Indian throttles, luckily Jacob-Ole is replacing his Indian converted harley Speedster handlebars. So Anders bourght al the leftovers and I helped instaling the "new" Indian Flanders on Hellings Risers :) Sweet setup..

torsdag den 9. august 2012

Color sample #7

Black.. Like all your favorite bikes :)

Color sample #6

Dark blue (My 2nd choice)

BLUE tanks and rear fender (really nice blue)

Color Sample #5

Yellow (Yellow jackets MC)

Color sample #4


Color sample #3

Red (real Indian style) but in that case, I think the forks should be red as well...

Color sample #2

Dark green


Color sample #1

The current color and purple rain :D (theese are not even at the vote list)

onsdag den 8. august 2012

Chout Color !

The frame of the Chout is soon ready to be painted, the big question is, what color should it have ?

My personal view is black, I think that is the most classic choice, and I think the bike is so cool that you don't need to choice a fancy color for the frame, it's allready 100% custom.

panel management

mandag den 6. august 2012


My good freind and "pressident" of KillerBobbers, Allan has a really really cool Chief, a few weeks ago I found a nice set of good used grips, and today I gave him a hand with the installation of his new mud flaps and crash bar. That bike is just getting better and better :)

Original flanders handlebars mounted at bended risers
Casted floorboards and floorboard extentions
Original fenders with trim, old fender tips and mud flaps
Old Chicago Motorcycle Supply kicker pedal
Casted 'Stop' pad at the brake pedal
Stainless exhaust
Original shifter knop
Leather saddle bag and metal tool box
Parkerized nuts and bolts

And much more of the good stuff :)