mandag den 28. februar 2011

Back in black

I like the good smell of fresh paint : )

Brakepedal and rods, gearpedal, floorboard brackets, rear fender and brackets, oil tank, sprocket cover, rear brakedrum, wheels, primary cover, seat T-bar and engine brackets.

The frame became really nice I think, instead of chrome I had the fork bearing tracks painted blck as well.


Primary cover



Sprocket cover and rear brake drum

It was hard to make a good close-up picture of the rear fender, I'll poste one whe I instal it : )

fredag den 25. februar 2011

Ready to get painted

The point of the disassemble of the Ironhead is to get the frame, wheels, rear fender, oil tank, primary cover, pedals, rods and all the small brackets painted.
It is all suposed to be black.

torsdag den 24. februar 2011

Pocket Rocket - Disassembly

Everything at the Ironhead project have turned out very well so far. All brackets and modifications have been made to get a satisfying result.
After a few ohurs of work, making the final touch, I started to disassemble the bike.

The cyllinder heads and the to do list before the paint job

A few days ago I painted the lifter bases black, to give the engine an older look

søndag den 20. februar 2011

Air horn

As posted earleyer, I got an air horn air cleaner for the ironhead. Due to the modern carburator the air cleaner was mounted wery close to my leg, so I chopped off aproximately half an inch to make eveything a little bit more narrow.

søndag den 13. februar 2011

Engine mounting

To fasten the engine in the top I fabricated a bracket. The bracket is quite big, therefore I used the oppotunity to use it as guide for the igniter wires as well - for a long time I have tried to figure out a way to keep the wires in a nice position instead of hanging as seen on many bikes.

I think it turned out very well, the bracket looks like something original and the wires are perfect mounted ; )

lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Quad Cam

A long time ago I found one of my cam needle bearings in bad condition. I decided to replace all four bearings to keep the engine healthy.
Today became the day for the replacement, unfortunately it gave me more troubles than expected...

The old bearings have probably been installed since 1964, which means they were completely stock, no matter what I did, only small pieces came off, instead of all of the bearing.
Finally my dad reminded me about the trick to weld the track of the bearing a few places to loosen the track. After that everything went quite smooth.

Out with the old bearings

Empty holes

In with the new bearings

Assemble of the cams

mandag den 7. februar 2011

Rotax 212

Today I made a custom spark plug wrench for one of my colleagues.
It's made from a milled socket and a 100cc Go Kart Rotax engine piston rod, witch is pressed together.
Special tools are always nice : )

Ironhead glimpse

One of the new brass nuts : )

WR exhaust end

Engine top mount

Front brake anchor plate rod

Fairbanks-Morse, Harley Dvidson magneto egnition !

søndag den 6. februar 2011

Primary cover screws

At the Ironhead project the primary cover was installed with some rusty allen screws.
With inspiration from Allan, Killer Bobbers I decided to make my own stainless screws !

lørdag den 5. februar 2011

Forever 2 wheels

In fredericia I found this old end mounted brake lever from the late 20's - It will be cool on a future project.

tirsdag den 1. februar 2011

Nuts about nuts

Just like the Magpie I like to collect nice and shiney things to my nest. This time I recieved a load of brass nut and washers in different sizes and shapes. Some of them might end up at the Ironhead ; )