mandag den 23. juli 2012


This is some of the inspiration I used for the Chout handlebars;

Chout Part XII

This weekend I finished the fabrication of the handlebars, Anders had some demo bendings witch didn't really suit the bike, but insted of using time to make some new ones, I decided just to reshape the ones he allready had.
First of all I narrowed the top trees 8mm in each side, then I chopped out 1inch in the straight center part in each side, and finally I chopped up the bendings to make them sharper, and welded everything back together.
Now the bike has a set of "one of" custom made handlebars like everything else is custom made on this bike.

Better quality pictures of the final result will be postet later.

mandag den 16. juli 2012

Chout Part XI

Two days ago I finished the installation of the seat, the job was a lot bigger than I expected, but the result is really really awesome, I kan not think of anything better.
Anders dropped by the workshop with an old set of seat springs, great style, but good used. I had to brush the parts with a stealbrush and sandblast everything to get it nice and clean.
I narrowed the setup with 8cm and shortened it 6cm, welded everything up, reshaped the installation bracket and gave it a black paintjob.
To be able to attach the spring bracket to the frame, I had to fabricate two small brackets and weld it to the support tubing at the frame. In the two small brackets I made 5/16" thretted holes, to get an easy installation without nuts.

torsdag den 12. juli 2012

Chout Part X

This tuesday and wednesday Anders and I made some really good things at the Indian project. We finished the installation on the floor boards, luckily the drill bits was good enough for the crazy hard castings :)
Besides that, I finished the fabrication of the forward seat mount, the carburator got installed, I sanded down the headlight to remove the red paint and get access to the original first paint of black (really awesome finish!)
The kicker spring got installed, and the clutch pedal was shortet up. To keep us self busy, we decided to paint the front forks and the rear fender.

onsdag den 11. juli 2012

Traditional Bobber For Sale !

This awesome WLA bobber is currently for sale in Copenhagen !!!

Harley Davidson WLA, 750cc/45", built as a traditional bobber three years ago. Engine overhaul was done less than 10.000 km ago. New 12V electrical system, Cycle Electric generator, 'Schnabel' electronic voltage regulator, Ed´s electronic ignition, Crane coil (no issues !) Mikuni carb., original 4” Flanders risers, PH top tree, Firestone ANS Millitary tyres, BT&E style taillight, 1936 Ford speedo, Jeweled fender rails.
Ignition and carb ajustet on dyno (MJP 2000) by Speedy (with papers)
Just won (30.07.12) ”Period Modifyed” Category on Linkert Attacks (France)

søndag den 8. juli 2012

Multi pupose drill bits

A few weeks ago I tried to drill holes in the castings for floorboard installation at the Indian project. Unfortunately the castings was impossible to penetrate.. Now Anders got these multi purpose drills, hopefully they will do better :)