lørdag den 22. september 2012

Old School Youngster for sale

Custom build Chopper without driveline

Rolling Chassi for sale !
Custom build chopper WITHOUT engine, gearbox and transmission.
The bike was build as a Knucklehead Chopper (as seen at the pictures), but the frame will fit any engine pre 1999.
The bike was build from 2003 to 2007 and has only been running for a few kilometers since, witch
means everything is still in a perfect condition.

The bike is only made from quality parts
Some of the parts worth to mention is:
Harley XA springer front end (2inch over stock compared to original BigTwin forks)
Aluminum headlight
Classic dogbone risers
Apehanger handlebars
SJP Hydraulic brake and clutch controls
Malteser handlebar grips
Pupout gas cap
Handmade leather seat, bates style
Zodiac rear fender
Custom made stainless steel sissy bar
Custom made stainless steel gear and brake foot controls
3ea disc brakes
Polished Harley brake calibers
Aliminum oil tank with "build-inn" oilfilter
16inch rear wheel
19inch front wheel
custom made front fender
Custom made hotrod flame paintjob made in Götteborg, Sweeden
The bike is located in Denmark

The price for the bike as a rolling chassi is
60.000DKK - 8.040€ - 10.425US $ - 68.000SEK

Call me if you are interested; +45 20344003

If it has any interest I can arrange USA registration documents and Evolution engine, gearbox and transmission.
The price for rolling chassi PLUS USA registration documents - 65.000DKK - 8.720€
The price for rolling chassi PLUS Evolution engine, gearbox & transmission PLUS USA registration documents - 85.000DKK - 11.400€

onsdag den 19. september 2012

Flanders Fever

After a lot of Flanders influence from the bikes around me in Copenhagen, and sitting day after day in front of the computer and watching cool Flanders and Flanders style handlebars being sold at eBay, I decided to make my own handlebars with BIG inspiration from Flanders.

I found two set of old 1" handlebars with some nice bends, chopped them apart and welded everything up as I wanted it.

For the internal throttle my freind Henrik Tvilling gave me an old springer handlebar end, and in the left hand side I milled a similar connection between the throttle and the handlebars. I milled it as a tight fit, to be able to crimp and solder it on to the bars.

I have always liked a double riser setup, the most famous one might be the one on the Captain America bike from Easy Rider, and the first time I saw the flanders U-riser setup I was in love, so ofcause that's what I had to made for theese bars, combined with a casted Harley riser.
As a start I bourght the cheapest set of 4" Flanders style risers that I could find at eBay, chopped them apart and milled a 7/8" flange from the lower part, to make a smooth connetion to a U-shaped tube.
For the tubing my first idea was to get two bends made by a blacksmith, and after that get them chromed, but luckily one of my freinds had a set of Honda handlebars (7/8") stocked on his shelf, with the correct bends for my riser setup.

Chop, chop..

After approximately 10 manhours and $200, I had this sweet homemade setup for Hydra Glide forks:

torsdag den 13. september 2012

Wheel discs

Christmas came early this year... Last weekend Lau and Kasper held a really cool auction in the backyard of their shop "Motorious" (if you visit Copenhagen, you just have to go there), I was so lucky to get a set of Baas Metal Craft wheel discs, really cheap for my upcoming traditional bobber project.

Drum brake side, with a slightly bigger center hole, and smaller access for the inflating valve