mandag den 28. maj 2012


My Ironhead have had some problems with cranking the engine lately, after some troubleshooting together with Allan yesterday, we found out that the lower end of my engine really needs an overhaul..

So we rolled down the Indian from the lift, placed the "patient" and removed the engine to prepare for everything.
It was a good job, even though the timing is not so good.. It was also really nice to see the Indian on the floor :)

tirsdag den 22. maj 2012

Chout Part VI

Last weekend I finished the fabrication of spaceres for the front wheel, bushings for the rocker brake rod and the brake brackets.
Everything is now installed and works perfectly.
Allan droped by the workshop with and old rear fender, and a few hours later, it was sitting there.. now it really starts to look like a motorcycle !!!

torsdag den 17. maj 2012

Chout Part V

The front wheel is now mocked-up, I still need to fabricate some spacers to align everything.
damn this bike looks cool.

onsdag den 16. maj 2012

Gasoline Magazine, Sweeden

Last Friday, Håkan Erixon from the swedish magazine "Gasoline Magazine", visited my workshop in Copenhagen for making a foto session of my Ironhead.
I'm really looking forward to see when it's issued.