lørdag den 31. marts 2012


The aviation school is over, 6 times 3 months of school, since august 2008 - 20 exams during the last 5 periods all passed the first time, with an average of 89,1% - or 9 if you convert it to the danish 7-point scale.

Module 1 - Mathmatics - 100%
Module 2 - Physics -88%
Module 3 - Electrical Fundamentals - 84%
Module 4 - Electronic Fundamentals - 85%
Module 5 - Digital and Electronic Instruments - 95%
Module 6 - Materials and Hardware - 92%
Module 7 - Maintenance Practices - 90%
Module 7 - Maintenance Practices, Essay - 83%
Module 7.7 - Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems - 100%
Module 8 - Basic Aerodynamics - 95%
Module 9 - Human Factor - 90%
Module 9 - Human Factor, Essay - 86%
Module 10 - Aviation Legislation - 80%
Module 10 - Aviation Legislation, Essay - 92%
Module 11A - Turbine aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems - 83%
Module 11B - Piston aeroplane aerodynamics, structures and systems - 79%
Module 12 - Helicopter Structure - 95%
Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engine - 91%
Module 16 - Piston Engine - 88%
Module 17 - Propeller - 86%

A lot of baic knowledge :)

onsdag den 28. marts 2012


I'll finish the aviation school, and ALL of the theoretical part of the Aircraft engineer education in two days ! I just can't wait to get it all done, it is so nice.
This time I'm learning about Propellers, Piston engines, Turbine engines and EWIS.

torsdag den 22. marts 2012

Motorius, Copenhagen

Yesterday my freinds Lau and Kasper opened their new store Motorius, at Enghavevej in the heart of Copenhagen.
It was really nice to see the shop, and we had a really good time. If you live in Denmark or ever visit Copenhagen, you should drop by this cool shop, maybe you'll find a nice t-shirt or a vintage gear knob, that you can't ive without ;)

Robert Lund made the most beautiful pictures, her is some of them:

The happy owners

Lau was really busy showing all their things to the customers

If you need a nice pair of engineer boots, you now know where to get it

Red - awesome picture !

Motorius is also the place you'll go and get LeBeef custom made parts and merchendise


Powerplant, LeBeef, Customs from Jamesville, Dice and Dickies is just some of the cool brands in the shop

Good location

A nice place for everybody who is in to cool bikes and clothing

mandag den 19. marts 2012


Emil just increased the amount of christmas tree accessories at his bike - and it looks awesome :) thumps up Emil ! Actually all of his bike is just looking great.

mandag den 12. marts 2012

Chop it !

During the weekend I chopped down the forward head fins as well.. It still need some love, but the rough work is done.

lørdag den 10. marts 2012

Cyllinder head fins

With inspiration from the 30 racers, I decided to chop down the cooling fins at the cyllinder heads.
I think it looks really cool (I'm not done yet) and it makes a lot more space for the gas petcock and easy access to the head bolts.

fredag den 9. marts 2012

Company visit

A few days ago I went to visit Scan Aviation in the capital of denmark. They do overhauling at aircraft piston engines and propellers. Damn I'm telling you that theese guys knows what they are dealing with.

onsdag den 7. marts 2012


I just changed the color of the tanks, and made a paper mockup for the engine decals, I can't waint to finish the paint job.

tirsdag den 6. marts 2012


Last weekend I modyfied the front part of the exhaust pipes for the flathead, It's not 100% done yet, but almost. They will be painted black.

mandag den 5. marts 2012


For Martins Panhead Bobber I just made theese stainless spacers.
I'm really looking forward to see his bike

lørdag den 3. marts 2012

Front fender

When it comes to bobbers, I'm not really into front fenders, but I had the original front fender for the flathead at stock and decided to chop it up, to be able to have it as an quick installation option for a rainy day.

torsdag den 1. marts 2012

Battery Power

For my Flathead, I just bourght a really nice RevAmp Power battery.
It's really small, it only loose arond 1% of power a month if you don't use it.
Normal lead acid batteries are tested for 150-200 fully cycles, theese lithium pollymer batteries are tested for 2000 fully cycles !