lørdag den 30. juni 2012

Give it a spin

When I made the hole for the axel in the kicker pedal for the Chout project, It was a very tight fit.. But I had it in my hands the rest of the evening turning it untill it was spinning nice and easy.

torsdag den 28. juni 2012


Well, some of you might like it, but it's not just all about old motorcycles. I have just been to Norway doing some maintenance to a DHC 8, a small range aircraft from Canada.
Actually it was my first time working of this type of aircraft.. It wasn't bad at all :)

torsdag den 21. juni 2012

Chout Part IX

Yesterday Mads dropped by the workshop with a gift for the chout project. A homemade raw casting for a kicker pedal, after a few hours it was ready for installation

tirsdag den 19. juni 2012

Chout Part VIII

Like all of us, Anders likes the old race style, therefore we decided that I was going to fabricate an exhaust with inspiration from the old race bikes for him.
It was a really big job to get it nice and clean, but after a few hours of welding and grinding, it was finished.

mandag den 18. juni 2012


When the engine is disassembled anyway, I decided to polish the casings :)

lørdag den 16. juni 2012

Chout Part VII

Finally the fender struts are fabricated, the tubing for the fender brackets is now welded up, grinded to a smooth finish and painted. As always when I'm working at this bike, I'm really satisfyed for the result.

Safety first

torsdag den 14. juni 2012

Allans Garage

All the welding at my Ironhead engine is performed by Allan from Allans Garagehttp://AllansGarage.BlogSpot.com/

Allan is a very skilled blacksmith, and in his spare time he is currently building a Suzuki Cafe racer with big success. He started with a piece of junk, polished and painted everything himself and ended up with a really cool looking 2-stroke race bike.

mandag den 11. juni 2012