tirsdag den 26. november 2013

Harley/ Flanders risers

Last week we decided to try to make a new riser setup for Allans Indian, because he bourght an original Indian Flanders no.7 this summer, so it would be nice with a completely new handlebars setup for a change.
A long time ago Allan converted his Harley fork top clamp so it fits his Chief, because he was using a set of 4" Flanders risers. This top clamp has been laying in a box since he changed his riser setup the last time, but now it will be useful again.
As shown at the pictures, we have extended a set of cast harley risers and bolted them together with the top end of a set of Flanders risers, I think it looks really cool, it gives a strong and heavy look.

To finish the work we parkerized the risers and the top clamp

torsdag den 14. november 2013


In our motorcycle club in Copenhagen; Killer Bobbers - I think we have a pretty good standart of the bikes.
Emil has a really cool flathead traditional bobber, and yesterday I came up with an idea to make it even more awesome. While the idea was fresh I took action and made a set of parkerized jeweled plugs for his springer forks.