tirsdag den 30. juni 2009

Ol' Skool Sportster

I'm obviously not the only one who is excited about this nice kind of primary chain cover!

- notice this is NOT my chain cover, it's just similar : ) I really look forward to the "Panster" project.

torsdag den 25. juni 2009

Ironhead sportster

I Just got myself a "new" engine for my newest bobber project.
The engine is a 1964 Harley Davidson Sportster.

I look forward to get this engine to shine all over : )

I got two 1000cc cyllinders and pistons in good condition, ready to mount.

onsdag den 24. juni 2009

Gulfstream 550

Today I took some pictures of this nice Aircraft, it's a Gulfstream 550.
It's owned by the american airline "Million Air", and comes from Salt Lake City.

Enjoy : )

søndag den 21. juni 2009

AC/DC Concert !

Two days ago, Friday the 19th of June, I went to AC/DC Concert in "Parken", Denmark.

The best intro ever:

This was some serious Rock'n'Roll !

Frans Pedersen enjoyed the cencert as mutch as I did.

Mr. Ossian, rockin' together with 48.000 people : ) I like.

Jajajajaja, Fuck you Claus !

Claus was the driver this night, no beers for him - only icecream !

Billund Airport - BLL

Earlyer this week I went to Billund, to work at our MD87 witch is new in the company. I worked together with Jean, our new engineer from france.

Ready for work

The Aircraft.

Jean and I

My first removal and installation of a MD87 brake

søndag den 7. juni 2009

New parts for my moped

Mmm, take a look at this nice cyllinder.
L-ring and everything, that's how we linke it !

Vice Guys !

My godfather and I a couple of weeks ago, at my sisters wedding !