tirsdag den 29. januar 2013


Parkerizing is cheaper than the cheapest raddle Can of paint, and looks a lot better because you are able to see the exact shape of the material and it doesn't chip when you tighten things, therefore it really fits my budget Knucklehead :)
Today I did a few more screws - for the lifter bases and I finished my top mount.


The Knucklehead project is coming together, I still have a lot to do, but I do a little bit all the time, so hopefully it will soon be ready :)
I'm in the progress fabricating the Engine topmount, all the chrome allen screws in the cam cover has been replaced with streight slotted parkerized screws, the oil lines for lubrication of the cylinder heads, has been covered with black shrinkhose instead of shiny steel.
Yesterday I dechromed the rockernuts and parkerized them, until now they where just covered with black tape to make it easier to imagine the parkerized look.. Pictures will come soon.
I have been fiddeling around with a cast aluminum rail that I'm planing to install on the front fender, I really like the shape.

tirsdag den 22. januar 2013

Front fenders

When you Think of traditionalist Bobbers, you usually don't cobine the style with using front fenders, but when you look at old pictures, from back then, some bikes actually had some awesome front fender solutions.
In Scandinavia the weather really sucks from time to time, so I accepted that I have to deal with a front feder, at least for a rainy Day :)
I had a Hydra Glide front fender, but I really prefere the springer front fender, so I made a swap with my freind Red.

To make a nice feder I narrowed it one inch and chopped off a lot of the length. To keep the nice old look I transferred the pressed tip of the original fender to my short version.

torsdag den 17. januar 2013

Heavy machinery

Yesterday my Knucklehead Engine arrived in the workshop, it really suites the bike.
I also painted the tail light, that is a cool idea I think

onsdag den 9. januar 2013

Crocker reference

Today I recieved my new casted Crocker tail light for the Knucklehead bobber, that light is a piece of art.