fredag den 27. april 2012

Chout Part IV

Yesterday I installed the rear tyre, now it really starts to look like a motorcycle !
Besides that, I shaved off the cable mount for the rear brake, polished the brake plate, shaved off the horn bracket at the handlebar fitting, fabricated a really nice headlight bracket witch is sandwiched in together with the fork springs. And I started to fabricate the forward brake plate mounting.
I also started to look how the exhaust cam be installed and chopped off some really ugly fins and boot guards from the pipes.
Another good days work performed, and the result is awesome.

torsdag den 26. april 2012

Chout Part III

The Chout project is step by step getting there.
I have fabricated and installed a brake plate mount at the frame. For the beautiful casted aluminum tank I have fabricated and installed two really nice brackets, one of the brackets also works as engine top mount bracket.
(the many washers at the tank mount bolts is due to long bolts, shorter ones will be installed)

tirsdag den 24. april 2012

1975 Honda CB750 Four

In the passed weekend, I went to try my fathers Honda CB750 four from 1975.
Last year I helped him to import the bike from Alabama to Denmark, now its home and ready to run at the steets.
I have to admit, the I was really surpriced how good it runs. It's a quite old bike, but it only has 10.000miles at the clock. Everything is just in a very good condition !

tirsdag den 17. april 2012

MOTORIOUS, Opening party

As posted previously, Lau and Kasper just opened a really cool store called Motorious. In May, they will have their grand opening party !

søndag den 8. april 2012

Happy easter

Chout part II

The Chout project is step by step coming together.

The Kickarm axel is propper installed, with a screw to hold it in the correct position, and I have fabricated a stop for the kickarm.

The spacer nut between the fork top bearing and the handlebar trees was too big, so I had to remove 10mm to get it in the correct position.

To be able to assemble the fork rocker system in the correct way I had to fabricate two spacers for the non threated part.

For the rear wheel I need to fabricate some spacers and bushings, and install a bracket for the brake plate, it is still in process, I'll keep you updated.

mandag den 2. april 2012

Chout project

Today I finished my Pocket Rocket, after installing new cams ! And it runs great !!

When you finish one thing you have to start a new project.
I'm taking a small break building the 45" flathead right now, because I promised my freind Anders that I will make him a rolling chassi out of his really awesome Chout project. It is a modified Indian 101 Scout frame equipped wit at 1200cc Indian Chief engine. SWEET setup !

The plan is that I'll start with some fabrication tomorrow.