onsdag den 27. februar 2013

Oil Tank

A long time ago, I ordered a police oil tank for my Knucklehead project, but unfortunately the tank never showed up. For that reason I had to make a new plan for the design.
After a lot of brainstorm in the workshop, the idea about trashed white and water decals came up.
I had a chrome reproduction oil tank with filler neck at the R/H side, witch I had dechromed before I started the paint job.

søndag den 24. februar 2013

søndag den 17. februar 2013


This weekend the bikes got some really nice club logo "tattoos" made from 1Shot sign paint;

Yellow Killer Bobbers logo at the rear fender of my Knucklehead projeckt by Cay Brøndum:

Red Killer Bobbers logo with white drop shadow at the rear fender of my Flathead project - by Peter Ossian:

White Killer Bobbers logo with yellow underline at the rear fender of my Ironhead - by Peter Ossian:

Black and blue Killer Bobbers logo at the frame of Anders' Chout projeckt - by Peter Ossian:

White, orange and red Killer Bobbers logo at the oil tank of Nicolas' Panhead Bobber - by Cay Brøndum:

onsdag den 13. februar 2013

Upcoming events

Hopefully we will have a really nice season this summer, at least we know for sure that Krenkerup brewery and Customs from Jamesville will repeat the success of The Castle Run, just much better, this year it will be for the whole weekend, there will be live music, games, great food (5 meals included in the entrance price), nice beers and coffee :)
Besides that, our local motorcycle parts and accessory store Motorious is celebrating 1year anniversary, great party, great people - see you out there :)

søndag den 10. februar 2013

It's a roller

Just before the weekend I recieved my new tyres; Avon MK II 5.00 - 16"
I vent to the workshop right after work to install them... NOW it really starts to look like a motorbike

lørdag den 9. februar 2013

Front Fender Part II

As posted previously, it's very usefull to have a front fender when you live in Denmark. One of the tasks this weekend was to fabricate the struts and paint all of it.
I dont have all of the trim yet, but it will be similar to the rear fender.

onsdag den 6. februar 2013


I have always liked fender rails, and they are really usefull when you want to carrie your luggage.
Every time I have seen a set that I like at eBay, they cost a fortune, so I decided to make my own setup.
First I decided for the size, then I used the most of a night milling the stuts and spacers in the lathe, then another evening for bending the rails, chopping them in the correct length, shaping the ends nice and round and sandblasting and parkerize all the bits and pieces.
I think it looks really nice, and they fit the budget.. 0$

mandag den 4. februar 2013


This weekend I went to a swapmeet to see if I could find some of the last things I need for the Knucklehead, and I had a really nice weekend together with my father.
I found the last covers I need for the forks, a set of gas caps, a set of clutch and brake grips, a nice set of stainless handlebars, a cast riser, a chain guard, a rear brake master cylinder, and a 1955 european passenger seat