mandag den 31. august 2009


Yesterday I visited my freind Kenneth. He got a nice late shovel project going on, and our freind Stefan just started a Panhead project.

Guess an engine : ) anny educated guesses ?

Yes, a Panhead showed up !

S&S replica Late Shovel 93"

mandag den 24. august 2009

Sportster parts

New parts on their way.
Today I ordered some parts at ebay for my Sportster project. When I modyfied the frame I decided that It's going to be a Ironhead insted of a Panster as the first plan was.

The first idea about the Panheads on the Sportster engine started becouse I didn't have any Ironheads. NowI ordered some.


Reconditioned cylinders and pistons.

Rocker boxes, the early model. Theese are included rocker arms

Cylinder heads, reconditioned 500mile ago

For getting a nice old look at the engine I ordered som brass parts.
Brass covers for the pushrods.

Big chrome nuts for the rocker arms, instead of countersunken screws. The picture is just a sample !

Brass intake anifold clamps

Brass kick pedal. The picture is just a sample !

Brass Oil lines

Brass nuts for the rocker boxes

mandag den 17. august 2009

søndag den 16. august 2009


Now the engine is mounted, and the next step will be the wheels.
Today I got myself a set of wheels, now I look forward to make som nice spacers and get everything in line.

lørdag den 15. august 2009

Mmm Polished...

Engine installation

After the modification of the frame I had to make a few mounts for the engine to make the installation possible.

Some of these bolts are only temporary.

fredag den 14. august 2009

mandag den 10. august 2009


The 9th of August 2009 - 00:00 AM, I became onkel to my sisters litle daughter !
she is just so cute : )

3184grams and 52cencimeters.

Now STOP taking pictures of me !

Birthday Party

This weekend I went to Jutland, visiting Claus Maul-Jakobsen. We had a great time celebrating his 30 years birthday

Claus and I was making everything ready for the party. While Mette spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

Anybody who wants tobaco ?

Claus flathead took part in th party as well : )

Hot Rod fender

Laurids and Mette had a good time I belive

Claus' father enjoyed the day

Everybody was told to dress up old style, for me this was very easy. All I had to do was to put a grease cloth in the pocket, put my shirt in to the pants and . . .

the Flick Kni..Comb : )


During the party I was wearing my Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses, but I had to try Mettes rock'n'roll glasses

I belive Thomas was full after eating the soup we had for a snack in the night.


Okay, never too drunk for a Arto picture ??

And.. Finally, Claus got a litle drunk as well..