lørdag den 29. november 2008

Optates at my handcrafted leather bag

Today I have continued my leather project.
I really needed to make a try, and leave a stamp at the lid of the bag. I really like those twirl flower designs from the 70’s. I’m very satisfied about result - I can't wait to see it finished : )

torsdag den 27. november 2008

Lowbrow Gangster

A year ago I would never had thought that I ever was going to wear a sixpence - NOW I LOVE IT !
Damn, I love to wear that hat, it got a perfect fit, and it's just getting a better shape each day I wear it - and hell yeahh it's kickin' it ol' skool !

Now I really consider to buy a Bogart - for more fancy occasions

onsdag den 19. november 2008

I'm a fan of Earth Google

Earlier I have been looking at the Earth Google, just for the fun of it. But today one of my teachers at the Aviation school in Copenhagen - Denmark, showed us a very special place.
The place is in Tucson, Arizona.

Do yourself a favor and take a better look at the coordinates at Earth Google; 32°10'N 110°51'W

tirsdag den 11. november 2008

Custom Cowboys !

Ha ! Did you thought that being a Cowboy is just for some sissy guys who doesn't know anything about motorcycles ?

well.. THINK AGAIN !!

Jan, Claus and Thomas have just created their Ranch - Custom Cowboys !

Go check this out: http://www.customcowboys.dk/

Old School Youngster

Actually I have to confess that my little baby love - The Old School Youngster, isn't mutch of a star at this blog.
That is something I'm going to change. I will poste some old pictures of my bike, and I got some brand new titbits of the Ignition wireing, and the new brass caps !

The new wires are 100% Ol' Skool - they are wraped into thread webbing.

The New Ignitor Caps isn't very big, and makes it possible to see all of the igniter plugs.

These pictures are some of the first pictures that has been taken of this bike, after it was done.

Hell yeah ! Some sunny photo shoots together with the Panhead realy kick some asses !

Scanbike Magazine !

tirsdag den 4. november 2008

Proud to have a real Maul-Jakobsen

Claus Maul Jakobsen have just finished my new painting for the apartment : )
I think it's very nice, take a look.

Yes, it's Che Ernesto Guevara