tirsdag den 31. august 2010

Mosten Raceday 2010

Hey folks, Mosten Raceday 2010 is comming up this weekend ! se you there : )

mandag den 23. august 2010

In the garage

I'm really looking forward to take the Ironhead "Race Bike" for a test drive : ) I think it will be a lot of fun..

mandag den 16. august 2010

Seat Pan

Of cause I need to make a seat for the Ironhead project as well. To be able to get the authentic look that I want for this bike, I decided to cut down an original Harley seat pan.

For the protection of the metal, I coated the pan with Zinc Chromate Primer

After shaping the edges, I shorted the length of the pan, by cutting out 2 centimeters right behind the rivets in the front, now it’s welded back together.

tirsdag den 10. august 2010

A day of celebration

Today is the day of the 500 years anniversery of the danish navy 10.08.1510 - 10.08.2010. Many of the ships is today collected at the harbour of Copenhagen, for the celebration.

mandag den 9. august 2010

1year old !

Today my sisters little daughter turns 1 year : ) Time is just flying, it’s hard to believe that it’s already one year since she was born. But she has grown very well, I can remember holding her in my arms and comparing her size to be almost equal to the size of two and a half hand of mine.

Happy birthday sweetheart – BIG LOVE uncle Peter

mandag den 2. august 2010

A-Bombers Speed Crazy

During the stay at A-Bombers Old Style Weekend, we wnt to a placecalled Devils Peak - A place for hillclimping. This was a very nice race, some of the guys was really aggressive with the trottle : )
- More pictures to come

The Downhill pictures was taken after the 1st heat, this golden hotrod was riden by one of the wildest drivers : )

Notice that the track is made of sand - this might be a chalenge for the bikes

A-bomber bikes and party

It's always nice to capture pictures of some nice bikes, to get some inspiration, and ofcause loads of alcohol helps you to enjoy the rain : )

This bike is owned by Jakob from Copenhagen, his decals on the gas tank is painted by hand !

Even though we were in Sweeden, a lot of german guys was presenced - thumps up

Mr. Maul-Jakobsen in the mood

You got to love this bike..

A-BOMBERS Old Style Weekend

As posted earlier, this weekend was occupied for A-Bombers Old Style Weekend. The meeting is located near Uddevalla in Sweden.

This was my first time at this event, but definitely not the last !
Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best, but we had a great time anyway. Good music, nice cars, cool bikes and a lot of good people.

Low rider ?

Spread the word ! This is how we like it : )

I really like the front sight on top of the grill, like a real fighter.

Don't forget to bring the gun !