torsdag den 10. juli 2008

Don't we all love brass

I really think it’s time to write about how the process steps forward for some builds of mine.

About a week ago, I made the best discovery for a long time. What I found out, was that underneath the sad and old chrome at my fuel caps, brass showed up ! Nice.. Now all I need is spending a few hours for grinding and polish - this Flathead bobber project turns up getting better than I thought.

onsdag den 9. juli 2008

Johnny Madsen ROCKS !

Yesterday I went to "Johnny Madsen" concert in Vordingborg, Denmark - and as usually he rocks.
This guy got the meanest attitude in the funniest way. It is hard to explain, you just need to see him live!

Knud Møller and Johnny Madsen.

Johnny Madsen and Niels "Nello" Mogensen.

Johnny him self.

The Journey with our Scania.

As told, here in Denmark we got a special tradition about riding trucks, to celebrate the ending of three years of hard study. My classmates and I had a very successful ride with the truck that my father and I have build.
Finally I got some pictures from the journey.

(…Yes of course we were drunk)

The truck arrived at Chrisians place witch was our first distiantion.

The truck driver, my father.

Mmm Tanja enjoyed the carrots at my place.

My Godfather and I.