mandag den 30. juni 2008


If you got the opportunity, you really need to go to at least one VolBeat concert, through the summer !

Quote; "VOLBEAT's musical style is said to be a combination of Metallic Rock'n'roll with a touch of the sixties melodic tunes."

I got a few of VolBeat’s album myself, and I really think they do a very good job putting some Old School rhythms in to their music, in a way that beats the rock’n roll in to your soul. GREAT !


tirsdag den 17. juni 2008

Scania Vabis

The examinations are almost done, and my class and I can look forward to be postgraduates, and get our diploma.
We are going to ride with an old truck and visit all of our parents, which is a special Danish tradition.
Many different truck drivers is getting hired for this event every year, but this year when it is my turn, my father and I decided to make our own truck for this happening.

The truck we have build is an old Scania Vabis, which is a Swedish truck. It’s from 1978, and has been driven for the Danish fire department “Falck” as a water wagon. Instead of the water tank, we have mount an old military rear end for passengers.

After mounting the new rear end, we decided to get it painted in a way similar to how they did it at the time age the truck was fabricated at.

Before the paint job:

After the paint job:

Jimmie from Sweeden

Jimmie might be one of the best moped builders in Sweden. He has a lot of talent, and have almost finished his 5th project, as usually it’s getting very awesome.
Normally he is working as a paint artist, but in his spare time he is just as crazy about building mopeds, and finding out new details with lots of creative creations as I am.

Last year when I had my bike ready for the paint job, Jimmie was the guy who arranged the contact to Robin Karlsson, who did a very nice job painting the Knucklehead.

Foto: Jimmie surrounded by his Speedfight and the new Aerox

Visit Jimmie:

søndag den 15. juni 2008

Nice ride at the countryside

Anders and I was doing some serious road testing at the countryside near Slagelse today. I borrowed my fathers Honda CB 750 K4, and Anders was riding his Suzuki GS 450.
We had a break by a great lake, and the weather was very nice. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my Camera.
Anders took a few shots with his phone.

HD-day in HDCDK

Yesterday I went to the yearly “Harley Davidson Day” in Viby near Roskilde (Denmark).
Many beautiful bikes with creative creations was exhibited. One of my favorites was an old Iron Head Sportster, build on a hardtail frame, it was very good-looking, and Old School as I like it.

Luckily the jury was very keen on my old Knucklehead, since my bike received two highly creditable prizes; “Best Chopper” and “Peoples choice” which I am very cheerful, and proud of.

My Knuck, and I.

The Cup, and a bottel of Barcardi.

This might be one of the coolest Iron Head bobbers in Denmark.


Casper participated with his brand new Shovelhead.