torsdag den 22. januar 2009

Welcome to the workshop!

Since I moved to Kastrup back in August 2008, I haven’t got any garage or workshop of my own. Every time I wanted to go to the garage, I needed to travel about 120kilometers to my parents place.
Finally I got my own place ! It’s inside Copenhagen Airport, in one of the corners in a hanger we don’t use for aircrafts anymore. Perfect, now can I go to the workshop everyday after work, and spend as much time as I want to : )

It isn't the biggest workshop, but I think I got the space I need for now. If I don't got space enough, I just have to move the things around my space a little ; ) No problemo !

The table in the middle is just perfect for my moped

It' nice with a table to sit by, and make som order lists for spare parts, or make a sketch for some custom piece of metal.

I got a lot of space for spare parts and oil, and I can get another bookcase if I want to.

I just need a vice mounted at the table.

In the Hanger I found an old radio, and I decided to try to see if it was working. Actually it was playing quite well, and the first channel I found was a new channal with only rock, how lucky is that ? : )

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