fredag den 20. februar 2009

MC Show 2009 in Bella Center

Last weekend I went to Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark - to see some motorcycles. As I expected most of the bikes was brand new sport bikes... Many of them was very nice, but lots of them is more or less the same.. Ducati, Kawazaki - Ducazaki : )

Luckily the was some nice old school bikes as well:

I went to the show together with my freind Peter, I took his picture next to an electric drag bike ! belive it or not, this tiny piece of batteries and sheet metal got 8.7 HP and a top speed above 100km/h : ) that is just so nice

Between all the new sport bikes 6 road racers showed up. Nice match.

Normally I don't like Suzuki SVin that much, but this bike realy looks cool - nice detail with the Buell front

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