søndag den 10. maj 2009

Fyns Spring Meeting

This weekend I went to Spring Meeting, we had a very nice time : )

Milo enjoyed the sun before we were going home

Finn on his ridgid Evolution

Finn and I went to the bar on bikes to make a burn out !

Suiside shift and very drunk.. haha

Finn the Baker is fuckng crazy !

Milo on his way out of the tent - the leg is mine : ) haha


Bjarne arrived on his Old School Panhead.. thumps up !

Chicks and apes !

Rat Bike - no chrome, more fun

The owner of this Rat Bike was covering the chrome with a quick paint job

Don't we all love Bobbers ? This Flathead is a nice piece of metal

mmm.. Old School

Bobber Fucker !

René and I went to the bar..

Tina, Baker, Unknown and René at the Bar

Hahaha Milo got the greatest flower power tent

A couple of girls was asking me to take some pictures : )

Thanks for the beer Morten : )

Mr. Ossian himself !!

My mother, Pierre, Stefan, Rock Mama & Lis starts the day with a beer

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