søndag den 26. december 2010

Ironhead updates

I am happy for the result so far 

The headligt and bracket is now painted black

The new handlebar is a 1946-1948 Speedster handlebar, as the first thing after the arrival I chopped it up 12cm to make it a litle bit more narrow, I think the result is great !

To make the control leavers more classic I painted the bracket  black, and installed cadium plated steel clamps instead og the aluminum ones.

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Rowan sagde ...

That is beautiful !!

SakéRacer sagde ...




Ossian sagde ...

Thanks a lot : ) I do my best..

SakéRacer sagde ...

a pic of the right hand side??

i would like to see the exhaust!!


Ossian sagde ...

I recently posted new pictures with the exhaust, hope you like it : )