torsdag den 18. august 2011

A-Bombers 2011

As written earlyer, at A-Bombers i fogot my camera. But I still want to poste some pictures from this awsome event. Therefore I have borrowed a few pictures from the internet.

Cay Brøndum, Killert Bobbers shirt

From left: Lau's 45", Allan's Indian and Jacob-Ole's 45"

Shark painted sidecar

Panheads ! The left one is the Knucklehead Killer

West Coast Bobbers, he got himself a new seat since last year : )

 Beautiful flathead, from norway I think ?

 Speed Crazy, hillclimp

 45 MAGNUM in action ! really cool bike, thumps up

 This car is just so awesome ! look at those windows !


I love the wheel caps

 Looks like a car James would have liked

 It's a Ford !

 Traditional hotrod, mmm

It just look fast and overpowered, I don't know if it is : )

A-Bombers !!

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