torsdag den 22. marts 2012

Motorius, Copenhagen

Yesterday my freinds Lau and Kasper opened their new store Motorius, at Enghavevej in the heart of Copenhagen.
It was really nice to see the shop, and we had a really good time. If you live in Denmark or ever visit Copenhagen, you should drop by this cool shop, maybe you'll find a nice t-shirt or a vintage gear knob, that you can't ive without ;)

Robert Lund made the most beautiful pictures, her is some of them:

The happy owners

Lau was really busy showing all their things to the customers

If you need a nice pair of engineer boots, you now know where to get it

Red - awesome picture !

Motorius is also the place you'll go and get LeBeef custom made parts and merchendise


Powerplant, LeBeef, Customs from Jamesville, Dice and Dickies is just some of the cool brands in the shop

Good location

A nice place for everybody who is in to cool bikes and clothing

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