søndag den 15. juni 2008

HD-day in HDCDK

Yesterday I went to the yearly “Harley Davidson Day” in Viby near Roskilde (Denmark).
Many beautiful bikes with creative creations was exhibited. One of my favorites was an old Iron Head Sportster, build on a hardtail frame, it was very good-looking, and Old School as I like it.

Luckily the jury was very keen on my old Knucklehead, since my bike received two highly creditable prizes; “Best Chopper” and “Peoples choice” which I am very cheerful, and proud of.

My Knuck, and I.

The Cup, and a bottel of Barcardi.

This might be one of the coolest Iron Head bobbers in Denmark.


Casper participated with his brand new Shovelhead.

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