tirsdag den 17. juni 2008

Scania Vabis

The examinations are almost done, and my class and I can look forward to be postgraduates, and get our diploma.
We are going to ride with an old truck and visit all of our parents, which is a special Danish tradition.
Many different truck drivers is getting hired for this event every year, but this year when it is my turn, my father and I decided to make our own truck for this happening.

The truck we have build is an old Scania Vabis, which is a Swedish truck. It’s from 1978, and has been driven for the Danish fire department “Falck” as a water wagon. Instead of the water tank, we have mount an old military rear end for passengers.

After mounting the new rear end, we decided to get it painted in a way similar to how they did it at the time age the truck was fabricated at.

Before the paint job:

After the paint job:

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