mandag den 8. marts 2010

Ironhead Project

The projects as it is now. I really think tht everything is gtting very nice on this bike, no doubt about this Sportster will be a really nice ol' skool bike : )

On the lefthand side of the handlebar I mounted a round mirror, which Claus Maul-Jakobsen gave me. Thank you Claus.

The handlebar grips are all rubber and the old look fits the bike very well.

I removed the 1931 headligh because it was very hard to find the parts I needed for the assembly.
Another thing is that the cost of a brand new WLC headlight assy, is even less than the missing parts for the other one. So I bourght a new hedlight, and I think it fits the bike even better.

OF COURSE it will be painted black, I don't know why it's chrome when you buy it ! haha : )

2 kommentarer:

Bjørn V sagde ...

Hej PJ
Ser godt ud dit projekt. Hvor har du købt din forlygte henne?

Mvh Bjørn

Pee-Jay sagde ...

Hej Bjørn,
Mange tak, jeg tror og håber at det bliver en super fed cykel når den er færdig. Forlygten er fra Bikeline : )