mandag den 4. oktober 2010

Swapmeet weekend

All of the weekend I spend at swapmeets. As always it's a really nice way to spend the time, and a great oppitunaty to make a good deal or two.
Saturday I went to a swapmeet at Frank's MC parts and sunday I went to Holbæk. At Franks MC Parts, it was all Harley Davidson parts, and i Holbæk it was all kind of old parts, car parts, motorcycle parts, and even moped parts.

I'm into both motorcycles and old mopeds, and I really enjoy seeing a lot of old parts, they are very often very interesting, funny or creative made - so both meetings was really worth the visit.

I found a lot of good things among the huge loads of junk, mostly just some snacks, but as you properbly already know, for me it all depends on the details. One of the better things I found is a NOS axle for my floorboards and the jiffy stand on the Ironhead project

Vintage 1945 cateye, the housing is made of brass - Ironhead

1934-1935 tank decals "Flying diamond" - Ironhead

horn and light switch - Ironhead

Axel for jiffy stand and floorboards - Ironhead

stainless FLH handlebar with casted bracket - it's always nice to have something in spare

Panhead rear wheel with hydraulic drum brake - for spare

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