onsdag den 7. september 2011

After Mosten Raceday

As expected, Mosten Raceday was really nice. This year I came one day earlier than usual, but it was really worth it !
The first day Johnny Winter played one hell of a concert, this is absolute one of the best concerts I have heard. Hats off to this old man.
Friday was the day of the qualifications for the race Saturday. That means from 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM two days in a row, I spend most of my time sitting at the stand, looking at the race track. Excellent !

Johnny Winter and his band

Most of the concert Johnny was sitting on a chair, because he hardly can't see anymore, but I promise he still knows how to play the guitar !

Dragracing !!!

During the qualifications, an engine at one of the bikes blew off the forward cyllinder and cyllinder head. The explosion was so powerfull that it teared off a 6ton strap installed for situations like this, and continued to the frame and teared the frame apart ! If you look carefully at the following picture, you can see that the front legs of the frame are completely broken. The frame is sitting at the dragway, but the front wheel is not touching the grund.

This is the same bike in the pit later on. They used their time to disassambly everything, to et ready to weld on a new front part of the frame, when they get back home.

More dragracing

One of the fastest bikes was this Gulf painted top fuel bike

Look at this beauty

More from the pit

S & S Dragrace Sportster engine ! This is a nice one I thik.

When we get drunk and in a good mood we always make a few pictures of random sleeping persons :D

The ACDC cover band "Back in Black" was playing saturday evening, it was quite nice as well, but not the real deal

Among the dragbikes I found one cute Indian... Ready to get chopped ? :D :D

A lot of cars was driving as well, but most of them is not so intereting (I think) only the Top Doorslammers is really something. They drives almost as fast as the fastest bikes !

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