onsdag den 25. januar 2012

Bits and pieces

Every week I do a little bit to proceed with the flathead project.

Since I'm building a hot rod, I was thinking it would be fun to drill some holes in the exhaust end, I tried it out, and I allready love it : )

When I recieved the seat plunger, I didn't knew how to assembly everything, but luckily JW Boon has a really nice IPC.

The floorboards is now painted and the mats are installed with parkerized rivets.

I just recieved the most cool Guide headlight from eBay - added a bit of paint and polish and now it will be perfect for the bike.
The lens got a really nice structure, the following picture shows my new lens to the left and the normal to the right:

Besides that, It's half an inch smaller than the classic springer headlight, but it got the same shape, I think that will be awesome : )

I decided to chop up my handlebar grips, to make it Flanders style, now I just need to chop up the handlebars as well.

The t-bar finally got some paint and polish as well

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