fredag den 27. april 2012

Chout Part IV

Yesterday I installed the rear tyre, now it really starts to look like a motorcycle !
Besides that, I shaved off the cable mount for the rear brake, polished the brake plate, shaved off the horn bracket at the handlebar fitting, fabricated a really nice headlight bracket witch is sandwiched in together with the fork springs. And I started to fabricate the forward brake plate mounting.
I also started to look how the exhaust cam be installed and chopped off some really ugly fins and boot guards from the pipes.
Another good days work performed, and the result is awesome.

4 kommentarer:

Cay Brøndum sagde ...

fedt fedt fedt :-)))

Frenchy sagde ...

Where can i get a frame and tanks? TY, Frenchy

Ossian sagde ...

Hi Frenchy,
Both the frame and tanks are custom made for the bike.
Unfortunately you can't buy it anywhere, I would love to have a set myself :)
For Anders who owns the bike, this is really cool I think. It will make it really unik.

Peter Ossian

Mads Bartholin sagde ...

WAY TO GO! That Chout is coming together fast and neat. You might consider using proper bolts for the front anchor plate instead of the SS..
XMads (of the Oil Cave)