torsdag den 3. oktober 2013


All the time when I have been to Africa, the Czech Republic, been working on the Knucklehead and the Chout, been to Ireland and to the States my por old Flathead has been stored but not forgotten, but not anymore, when I came home from USA, I had a hunger to get some stuff done to the old Flatty :-) Imagine that I have had this bike for 11years now !!
The first thing I did was removing the rear stand, to myapinion it was looking too grandpa ish on this bike. After removing the stand I ofcause needed a side stand, I modyfied a Jiffy from a WLC and installed that.. Nice and comfortable.
We have fender laws in Denmark, so next step was to make a cool looking front fender, I found an old picture of a nice VL in my fotostream and tried to fabricate something similar.
Since last spring I had a regular springer forks ride control laying around for the bike, I just needed to modyfi it for the I beam forks, it was actually not a big job, and it looks amazing.

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