lørdag den 26. oktober 2013

Western news!!

My good friend Rune, who is also an aircraft engineer like me, has a really nice WLC project going on.
Rune bourght the bike from my friend Lau from Motorious Copenhagen around a year ago and now he is in the progress giving fresh new life to this beauty.
Here is some pictures of what he have been doing so far. The rims, hubs, frame and folks has been painted black, the forks got new bolts and springs. He has made fresh new bushings for the cams, replaced the piston rod bearings, and bourght a brunch of nice parts, like colony bolt kits, cadium plated spokes and a new deliciuos magneto.
Besiddes that he made a really good choise buying performance parts for the old boy; Modern carb, turett & Osbooume stroker flywheels. Fancy pistons, WR cams and a lot of otter goodies 

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